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Dec. 10, 2008

Resignation Drumbeat

As President-elect Barack Obama calls for embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to resign, a letter is circulating among Democrats in the Senate, asking for the same. Until Blagojevich resigns, steps down or is thrown out of office, he remains the one with the power to fill Obama's vacated Senate seat, despite the federal bribery and fraud charges against him. At the same time, we're learning more about the unnamed Senate candidates listed in the criminal complaint -- including the identity of Candidate 5 as Jesse Jackson Jr. Blagojevich allegedly believed that Candidate 5 might be willing to offer something in return for the Senate post. Jackson's attorney confirmed he is Candidate 5, but at an afternoon press conference, Jackson offered a strong denial of any wrongdoing and said he will cooperate fully with federal prosecutors. ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross, who broke the Jackson story earlier today, is back with Day 2 of the Blagojevich scandal.

Mid-Air Collision

Two planes collided over Brazil in 2006 in what, at the time, was the worst plane accident in the country's history. In a commuter plane, 154 passengers perished. The seven passengers in the other plane survived. Tonight, in a Vanity Fair-"Nightline" exclusive, we've got the cockpit recordings that preceded the harrowing crash and the finger pointing that followed. ABC News correspondent David Wright reports.

Luxury Moviegoing

Just when the $12 ticket price at the local megaplex became too much of a financial burden to bear, another theater is upping the ante -- financial turmoil or not. Try $35 a ticket, $20 for a couple of glasses of wine, $17 for a crab cake appetizer, and $9 for cr�me Brule. It's a movie experience you may never forget. But can anyone afford it?

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