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Brian Ross and the Investigative Team - The Blotter Alerts
This Week on The Blotter
December 12, 2008

After an unsealed FBI affidavit revealed on Tuesday that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was engaging in pay-to-play politics, his alleged scheme to sell President-elect Barack Obama's U.S. Senate seat has captured national attention.

Our Investigative Team delved into the scandal, breaking news of the major players and unraveling the story more and more each day. From details of his stunning arrest to revealing who is the latest player to resign, the Blotter has many stories not to be missed:

No Blagojevich Resignation, 'At Least Not Today,' As AG Asks Court to Declare Him 'Unfit to Serve'
Click here for the story.

Blagojevich's Promise to Mom: 'I'll Never Take Bribes'
Click here for the story.

Feds Put Off Questioning Jesse Jackson Jr.
Click here for the story.

Blagojevich Confidant Turned Informant
Click here for the story.

Rev. Jackson: I Played No Role in Blagojevich Scandal, Not an 'Emissary'
Click here for the story.

Emanuel: I'm Getting Death Threats Over Blagojevich Scandal
Click here for the story.

Blago Deputy Resigns Amid Arrests
Click here for the story.

Click here for updated coverage of the Blagojevich scandal, and to see other officials who have fallen from grace.

Brian Ross' most recent television reports can also be seen on The Blotter.

Other Blotter Coverage This Week:

Feds Charge: The $50 BILLION Scam: One Man's Amazing Crime

"There is no innocent explanation," Wall Street banker Bernard Madoff tells FBI.

A powerful New York financial advisor whose handful of clients routinely expected -- and received -- double digit returns, up market or down, may have instead been running a decades long Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of $50 billion dollars, according to a one-count criminal complaint unsealed in federal court in New York. Click here to read the full story.

Former U.S. Contractor Alleges 9-Month Detention in Iraq

Translator says he was denied attorney, phone calls while held for months.

For months, he worked closely with American soldiers, ferreting out threats to the troops and forging a relationship with a key sheikh who went on to lead the Sunni awakening. But when this 52-year-old translator and veteran of the U.S. Army headed for his annual leave as a contractor in Iraq, he claims he was wrongfully imprisoned for nine months by American forces, with no access to a lawyer and no contact with his family for months. The translator gives an exclusive interview to's The Blotter. Click here to read the full story.

Blackwater Guard in Secret Deal to Testify in Massacre Case

Five others surrender to FBI on charges in 35-count indictment.

One of the Blackwater guards involved in the shooting deaths of at least 14 Iraqi citizens has agreed to testify against five other guards as part of a secret plea deal negotiated last month but approved and filed last Thursday. Click here to read the full story.

Despite Scandal, UBS Finds Takers in Congress

Over $1Mil given to lawmakers, party committees in two years.

Hundreds of U.S. lawmakers have taken campaign contributions from a fund tied to a Swiss bank under criminal investigation, and critics say that's not okay by them. Federal prosecutors say that for years the bank, UBS, helped super-wealthy Americans cheat the IRS by hiding billions of dollars outside the government's reach. The bank boasted about its influence on Capitol Hill to prospective clients, according to prosecutors' filings. Click here to read the full story.

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