Friday, December 12, 2008

Chris Wragge: 'Tis the season!

Dec. 12, 2008
Hi  Everyone!
Coming up tomorrow on The Early Show Saturday Edition:

The holidays are upon us, and we have some great ideas for the season that are both tasteful and economical.

Holiday CardsEveryone is either sending them or receiving, or both. So, how about finding tasteful, festive cards that the recipients will enjoy and won’t cost you a fortune?  AOL’s Regina Lewis takes us through the software needed to create holiday cards at home. You’ll be amazed how easy it is and how much you can save.

Gift Wrapping: Why pay extra at the store or online when you can learn from a pro how to do a great job yourself? Sandy Sandler, inventor of the “Bowdabra," will show us her device and offer other tips to make you the best gift-wrapper in town.  Although how Erica plans to gift wrap my houseboat remains a mystery to me!

Tipping: How much do you give those who provide all your services all year long, to show your appreciation this holiday season?  We have your user's guide. Times are tough on everyone, but this season could be especially tough on those who rely on Christmas bonuses.  So, what do you give the doorman, the garbage man, your hairdresser, etc.? We'll clue you in.

Also, the 25-member Trinity Choir from New York City will be with us to sing some holiday favorites.

And -- not to bury the lead but -- also on the show: Multi-platinum R&B superstar Brian McKnight will be with us to sing two songs from his new CD, “I’ll be Home for Christmas”

Join us tomorrow morning. We’ll start you off in a great, festive mood for your holiday doings all weekend long!


Chris Wragge

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