Friday, December 12, 2008

ABC News: Bid to Save GM, Chrysler Loans Dies in Senatel...PLUS: A Frugal Man Asks for Strangers' Leftovers at Restaurant

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December 12, 2008

No Deal! Bid to Save Auto Rescue Loans Dies in Senate
Senate Votes Down Bill to Aid Automakers After Last-Ditch Negotiations and House Vote to Approve more
Good, Bad & Ugly: Auto Bailout Alternatives
Experts Disagree on Whether a Bankruptcy Would Really Cripple the Industry
Feds Charge: The $50 BILLION Scam; One Man's Amazing Crime
"There Is No Innocent Explanation," Banker Tells FBI
Vermonter Takes Cheap to New Level
Roy Haynes Relishes Dumpster Diving, Reusing Paper Towels
Could the Internet Have Stopped Hitler?
Silicon Insider: The Internet Could Have Discredited Hitler Early On

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