Thursday, December 11, 2008

Important health news tonight on The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric



"Science fiction films are not about science. They are about disaster, which is one of the oldest subjects of art."
- Susan Sontag

Racehorses can wear out new horse shoes in one race.


Here’s an early look at what we are working on for tonight’s broadcast from Anchor and Managing Editor, Katie Couric:

Hi everyone,

President-elect Barack Obama met the press today, and once again denied that he and his staff played any role in the alleged scheme by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to sell Mr. Obama's Senate seat. So does that settle the matter? Or does the President-elect face more questions? Dean Reynolds has the full story.

On Capitol Hill, the Big Three automobile bailout has hit a major roadblock in the Senate after the House approved it just last night. So, what happens next? Will GM be allowed to fall into bankruptcy? Sharyl Attkisson reports.

In health news, an important development for the 22 million Americans who suffer from asthma: FDA advisers today recommended that two long-acting drugs, Foradil and Serevent no longer be used to treat asthma, saying their risks outweigh their benefits. Dr. Jon LaPook will explain.

New evidence that many homeowners continue to struggle - even after banks restructure their mortgages. More than half now face foreclosure … a second time. Anthony Mason reports.

Next: a special report that highlights how America’s economic troubles are being felt around the world. When we buy fewer toys, China buys fewer cardboard boxes - and that hurts recyclers in Britain. John Blackstone, Celia Hatton and Richard Roth teamed up for this fascinating report on the recession’s ripple effect.

Finally, we'll introduce you to one of the world's best anglers. She hopes to reel in the winning fish at the Super Bowl of bass fishing … and at the same time, sink a stereotype.

See you tonight, Katie

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Obama: Staff Not Involved In Ill. Scandal
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Auto Bailout Now A Must, Says White House
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And here's an early look at one of the stories we are working on for Friday’s broadcast:He quit his day job as a corporate pursue his true passion....transforming lego blocks into spectacular works of art! You won't want to miss Assignment America,Friday night only on The CBS Evening News.

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Join Dave tonight with Senator John McCain… Plus musical guest Bon Iver!


Julie Chen, Maggie Rodriguez, Harry Smith, Russ Mitchell will anchor the EARLY SHOW from New York. Dave Price will bring us the weather.

Along with the top stories, we are currently working on the following segments:

HOLIDAY TRAVEL DEALS - We all know that the travel industry is really hurting in this economy. So does that mean that you might be able to get the best possible deals on holiday escapes... Even if you are booking somewhat late in the game? Joining us to discuss great holiday deals will be USA Today travel reporter Ben Mutzabaugh.

COLD AND FLU: HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE - Friday in Healthwatch: we continue our series Cold Comfort. It's the holiday season, but it's also the season when many people get sick. Is it a cold, the flu or something else? Joining us will be Dr. Holly Phillips to sort through your symptoms so that you know the difference and can get medical aid for what will work best.

MARIAH CAREY MAKES ONE LITTLE GIRL’S DREAM COME TRUE - If you've ever been to New York at Christmas time, you know that Macy's "Santa Land" is a big attraction ... more than 350,000 kids and adults alike line up to meet Santa each year. But people have been visiting Macys' stores across the country, writing letters to Santa as part of the company's "Believe" campaign. For each letter received, one dollar is donated to the Make-a-Wish foundation. Friday, we're going to see the foundation's work in action. Angelina Salaiz came all the way from Union City, California to be with us. Her dream was to meet singer Mariah Carey… Friday, her dream will come true, Angelina will meet Mariah in our studio.

EASY WAYS TO AVOID EXTRA FEES ON YOUR CREDIT CARDS - if you have recently taken a hit with the troubled market, you may be looking for additional ways to save money. At a time when consumers are struggling just to pay their bills, avoiding additional credit card fees that add -up can save you more money than you may think. Consumer Correspondent, Susan Koeppen will tell us about some of the ways we can avoid these unnecessary fees and save hundreds of dollars.

JIM CARREY INTERVIEW - The new Jim Carrey movie starts with a simple idea--say "yes" to everything in life. As CBS News correspondent Hattie Kauffman discovered, Carrey has agreed to some pretty outrageous things through the years. She sat down with him for a one-on-one interview, and talked to him about filming the movie, performing his own stunts, and about his relationship with girlfriend Jenny McCarthy.

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR TEENAGERS - For our Perfect Gift series, Friday we will be looking at the latest and greatest products, gadgets and gizmos for your teenage sons, daughters or even friends.

REAL SIMPLE GIFT WRAPPING - You've done your holiday shopping; now you need to wrap all of those gifts! The editors at Real Simple magazine suggest turning this task into an excuse for a party. Kris Connell will join us to show us easy ways to plan a holiday wrapping party.

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Here’s a early look at what’s coming up on Saturday’s 48 HOURS MYSTERY, Invitation to a Murder:

When Mark Winger fatally shot an intruder he was hailed as a hero. The nuclear engineer says he was in the basement of his picturesque Springfield, Ill. home when he heard a thump. Racing upstairs, Winger grabbed his gun and was faced with his worst nightmare when he discovered a man beating his wife Donnah with a hammer in a horrific scene that ultimately ended in the death of both his wife and her killer.

It seemed like an open and shut case of self defense and Winger was quickly cleared of any wrongdoing. But one rookie investigator believed that there was more to the story. Unable to let go of this hunch, he relentlessly tried to get the case reopened, but to no avail, until four years later, when a new witness helped put the pieces together and expose a shocking truth: Mark Winger was the mastermind behind a complicated plot to murder his own wife.

As new dramatic developments have emerged 48 HOURS MYSTERY has gone beyond the broadcast to document the case in more detail in the book Invitation to a Murder by producer Gail Abbott Zimmerman. Available in bookstores now, Invitation to a Murder is the fourth release in the 48 HOURS MYSTERY series published by Pocket Books, a division of Simon and Schuster.

Richard Schlesinger reports on these new developments as part of a special presentation of 48 HOURS MYSTERY, Invitation to a Murder.

(Please note: This 48 HOURS MYSTERY is part of a SPECIAL doubleheader beginning at 9pmET with: 48 HOURS MYSTERY, Deadline for Justice - Harold Dow reports on two remarkable and haunting cases of murder that could be connected.)


BARNEY FRANK -- Lesley Stahl talks to Rep. Barney Frank (D.-Mass.), whose position as House Financial Services Committee Chairman puts him right in the middle of the huge and controversial government bailouts, first for the financial industry and now for Detroit's automakers.

WHERE’S THE BOTTOM -- The mortgage mess that touched off the financial meltdown is far from over, with a second wave of expected defaults on the way that could deepen the bottom of this recession. Scott Pelley reports.

WIN FOREVER -- Byron Pitts profiles USC college football coach Pete Carroll, who, in addition to his success in making the Trojans a football dynasty, is making positive contributions toward decreasing gang violence in Los Angeles

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