Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's really behind the credit crisis? That story tonight on The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric



”Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of the men who follow and of the man who leads that gains that victory.”
-George S. Patton, (1885 - 1945)

California’s Frank Epperson invented the Popsicle in 1905 when he was 11-years-old.


Here’s an early look at what we are working on for tonight’s broadcast of The CBS Evening News, from Anchor and Managing Editor, Katie Couric

Hi everyone,

Detroit's Big Three automakers went to Capitol Hill today, pleading for a lifeline - about $25 billion - to keep their companies afloat. Executives from GM, Ford and Chrysler warned a Senate committee the entire economy - and even national security - could suffer if they don’t get help … and soon. Anthony Mason has the latest on the automakers' pleas for cash.

Also on Capitol Hill today, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Fed chairman Ben Bernanke defended their decision to abandon plans to purchase toxic mortgage debt in favor of direct investments in banks. Secretary Paulson said he had reservations about using some of the $700 billion bailout to stem soaring foreclosures or help the ailing auto industry. He also said the U.S. economy has "turned a corner.” Jim Axelrod has that story.

You've heard so much about this country's dire financial situation, but what's really behind the credit crisis? Wyatt Andrews tells the story of the real problems with the consumer credit market, and why they're making it harder for you to get a loan.

Turning overseas, there’s a new era of piracy off the coast of Africa. In the past two days, Somali pirates have hijacked a Saudi oil tanker and now, an Iranian cargo ship. Sheila MacVicar examines how and why the pirates have been able to pull off these spectacular crimes.

In medical news: Life expectancy for those living with cystic fibrosis has lengthened dramatically in recent decades. Now, as many patients enter adulthood with what's been considered a childhood disease, Dr. Sanjay Gupta meets one patient … who's following his dreams.

Finally tonight, it's a tween phenomenon that started with a simple young-adult novel - a love story involving vampires. Now it's spurred a clothing line, a candy bar and a movie that's leaving fans thirsting for more. Sandra Hughes has the story.

See you tonight, Katie

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And here's an early look at one of the stories we are working on for Wednesday’s broadcast: Twenty-five years ago Charles Kuralt introduced America to this man---the most determined salesman you'll ever meet. So, is he STILL the best in the business? Steve Hartman goes ON THE ROAD AGAIN Wednesday night, ONLY on The CBS Evening News.

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Join Dave tonight with Model, Actress and wife of the French Prime Minister, Carla Bruni, Animal Expert Jack Hanna… Plus musical guests The Cold Hard Cash (a Johnny Cash tribute band)


Maggie Rodriguez, Harry Smith and Russ Mitchell will anchor the EARLY SHOW from New York. Julie Chen anchors from Los Angeles. Lonnie Quinn will bring us the weather. Dave Price is on assignment.

Along with the top stories, we are currently working on the following segments:

INAUGURATION TICKETS DEMAND - We’ll take a look at the inauguration of president-elect Barack Obama. More than a million people are expected to flood the nation's capital for inaugural festivities... But tickets to the swearing in ceremony are already hard to come by. Thalia Assuras will bring us the story.

PEOPLE MAGAZINE’S SEXIEST MAN OF THE YEAR - People Magazine name’s the sexiest man of the year just before December, every year. The magazine cover has seen the likes of Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and George Clooney. Who will it be this year? We’ll speak to the editor in chief of People to find out how they chose the lucky (and handsome) winner.

IDENTITY THEFT PART THREE - Wednesday, we continue our investigative series “Stolen Identities” - ID theft like you've never seen before. Consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen says a growing form of identity theft can make you sick...medical ID theft. People are using YOUR name to pay for thousands of dollars in medical bills, leaving you with horrible credit and possibly even changes to your hospital IDs. Susan will join us to talk about how it’s becoming a big problem, and the ways that you can protect yourself from it.

MAKING YOUR HOLIDAY BUDGETS WORK - Is it possible to have the holiday season you want, on the budget you have? Money's tight, and it’s likely that shoppers plan to spend less this year. BUT, if you're a smart shopper, you may not have to sacrifice too much! The silver lining for holiday shoppers in this economy is that retailers are hurting as much, if not more, than shoppers themselves. As a result, retailers are doing everything they can to sell, sell, sell. We’ll tell you how to keep your budget and still get all of the holiday favors and gifts that you want this year!

POPSTAR PINK ON THE PLAZA - Pop icon PINK! will be performing out on our plaza! She released a new album in October, and has been touring around the country to promote her new sound. Don’t miss her rockin out performance of some new songs - and a few old favorites!

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