Sunday, November 16, 2008

PubCon Wrap-Up, Silk Road, Google Answers Questions


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Sunday, November 16, 2008
Google Answers Some Tricky Questions
Well, most of them
Search, Google, SEO...
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Google Earth Models Getting Better
History and Georaphy are More Fun
Google, Education, google earth...
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LinkedIn Integrates Address Books and Profiles
Users Should Find This Convenient
Social Media, LinkedIn, social networks...
The PubCon Wrap-Up Roundup
The Highlights
PubCon: Think Big for Link Building Through Social Media
Interview with Eric Enge
Search, Social Media, PubCon...
Microsoft Travels The Silk Road
Combines Content Management, Advertising, and Search
Search, Advertising, Microsoft...
Find your biggest fans. Facebook Ads
More Headlines
Facebook Gets Rid Of Some Neo-Nazi Groups
European politicians behind the push
Social Media, Politics, facebook...
Do You Have a Problem with Live Blogging?
Apparently Some People Do
PubCon, blogging, search engine roundtable...
Facebook Phone Surfaces
Courtesy of 3 Mobiles and INQ
Social Media, facebook, social networks...
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Microsoft Live Search Cashback Paying Off
Good ROI for advertisers
Search, Advertising, Google...
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Google Docs And Spreadsheets Still In The Shallow End
Microsoft Office more like Michael Phelps
Google, Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Spreadsheets...
Why Yahoo News Was Number One on Election Night
Senior Editor Talks
Yahoo, studies, Research...
Net Neutrality A Likely Reality In 2009
Now that opposition is cleared
Congress, FCC, Net Neutrality...
eBay Pledges Not to Sell Inaugural Tickets
Strong demand for tickets
Politics, Inauguration, eBay...
AOL Still Reaching Record Numbers
Who Would Have Thought?
Yahoo, Google, Email...
Google Friend Connect May Soon Launch
YouTube tutorial appears
Google Site Search On-Demand Indexing Triggers Re-Crawling
Google Updates Site Search Functionality
Search, Google, search indexing...
PubCon: Aaron Wall Talks Link Buying Without Getting in Trouble
Check out The Exclusive Video Interview with WebProNews
linking, Link buying, Videos...
Paid Links Go Underground
How to buy a link without buying a link
Search, Google, SEO...
eBay Seller Reaches Feedback Milestone
Achieves American Dream
Technology, Feedback, Jack Sheng...
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The PubCon Buzz: Day 3
A Roundup of Coverage
Search, marketing, conferences...
PubCon: Getting Rid Of Duplicate Content
Tips from Google
Google, PubCon, Ben D' Angelo...
PubCon: Microsoft Live Search Keynote Address
A shift towards task-centric search results
Satya Nadella, Microsoft, Live Search...
1 comment
Relevant Content Boosts Sales For eTailers
Can’t expect them to buy if they don’t know what it is
Advertising, marketing, Email...
Top 5 Reasons YouTube is a Great Educational Tool
For All Ages
Google, online video, Education...
YouTube Offering Sponsored Videos
Another Way of Monetizing
Advertising, Google, online video...
1 comment
Unauthorized Content Spread Costs Publishers Dearly
Audiences, ad revenue go elsewhere
Advertising, Attributor, Publishers...
1 comment
U.S. Regulators Issue Internet Gambling Rule
Critics condemn move
Legal, Politics, Internet gambling...
Google Alleviates Privacy Concerns About Flu Tracker
Gets Positive Feedback from Medical Professionals
Google, Google Trends, Privacy...
At Least the Virtual Economy Isn't Too Bad Yet
Second Life Sees Pretty Good Q3 Results
Financial, Second Life, Money...
Windows Live Making Big Social Leap
Shows redesign with support from Flickr, Twitter, and others
Social Media, Microsoft, windows live...
Facebook Postings Land Teachers In Hot Water
Possible firings
Social Media, Teachers, facebook...
Apple Rumor Mill Working Overtime
Search Engines? Yahoo Deals?
Search, Yahoo, Google...
PubCon: Succeeding At Local And Mobile Search
The markets are evolving
Mobile Search, Local Search, PubCon...
1 comment
Pepsi's Social Media Challenge
And 10 Suggestions They Didn’t Get
Technology, Advertising, Social Media...
1 comment
UK Consumers Spend More Online Than U.S. Shoppers
Also do more online research
Technology, JupiterResearch, ecommerce...
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PubCon: Social Media Strategies for Link Building
PubCon: Social Media Strategies for Link Building
Eric Enge in the above WPN video encourages people to "think big" when using social media to build links. This practice is not only for large companies, but should be applied to small businesses also.

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Video Search To Use Internal Content

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