Monday, November 17, 2008

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Doomed British infantry officer describes siege of Charleston

Like so many first-time visitors to the Lowcountry, Charles Campbell was enchanted. In a letter to his father back home in Britain, Campbell gushed about the natural beauty of the Holy City in spring. "Charlestown is a handsome and well built town situated on the extremity of a tongue of land formed by two large & navigable rivers, Cooper and Ashley;" he wrote, "it lays open to the sea, and has the entrance of its harbor defended by a strong fort erected on Sullivan's Island."

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'New ways of doing things'

CONWAY â€" Coastal Carolina University President David DeCenzo wants his public institution to become the state's first charter university, a move he says would help compensate for dramatic state budget cuts.

Former church converted to homes

Normally, the conversion of a historic church into a dozen condo units wouldn't be something to celebrate, but the new housing at 2 Francis St. serves as an exception to that rule.

Remembering the Yorktown

BEATRICE, Neb. â€" It wasn't hard for Les Hakes, 82, of Beatrice, to reminisce about his time spent cruising the Pacific Ocean aboard the USS Yorktown during World War II.

Balancing needs of Neck Area

Life in the narrow Neck Area is becoming a squeeze. Its neighborhoods of lower income homes â€" about one-fifth of North Charleston's population in one of its densest areas â€" butt up against acres of industries and brownfield along Spruill Avenue. The neighborhoods, in fact, were built that way generations ago â€" worker villages along the railroad tracks. The fit has always been a little close for comfort.

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