Sunday, November 16, 2008

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About two years ago, while reviewing designs for the new College of Charleston basketball arena, Bobby Marlowe suddenly realized something was missing â€" a president's suite. "I had always assumed there would be some type of box there for entertaining and donor cultivation," said Marlowe, chairman of the university's board of trustees.

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Excavation stirs interest in history

Sometime this winter, contractors for Noisette Co. will begin excavating a parking lot at the old Navy base to turn it into a basin lake park. They don't expect to find any remnants of the two canals that ran between the Ashley and Cooper rivers, any coins, pipes or musket balls from what could have been 4,000 soldiers camped between them. They don't expect to locate the legendary, long lost Quarter House. But they could.

Hundreds of local protesters join rallies around country

Holly Thomas and her 5-year-old son, Juan, joined hundreds in a march to support gay civil rights Saturday in Charleston. Thomas, who is gay, adopted Juan when he was 8 months old. She and her former partner are co-parents of Juan and another child even though they no longer live together. "Parents are all different shapes and sizes these days," she said.

Another sad birthday

Today is Brandy Hanna's birthday. There won't be a party, or a fancy dinner, no one to joke about calling the fire department to put out the 36 candles on her cake. No, this day will pass like the past 1,270 â€" with her mother, Donna Parent, waiting for the phone to ring. You see, Brandy is missing.

Order of Tents true to Christian code

Muffled voices sound behind the dark wooden door as a young man gently raps his knuckles against the weathered finish. The door swings open, revealing a group of women clad all in white. They smile and invite him in to find his grandmother. But they will speak no more of their business until he leaves.

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