Monday, November 17, 2008

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Proposed container yard runs into opposition

A proposed container yard linking trucks to trains could allay one of the greatest complaints about Charleston's port system: that tractor-trailers fill the air with harmful emissions, while the state slips behind competitors in enhancing its rail service, viewed as the cleaner and less conspicuous alternative.

How to boot up computer faster

While the Internet age has our virtual lives up to warp speed, there remains a nagging speed bump: the time it takes to get your computer operating system up and running. It can be a couple of minutes or more, depending on the age of your computer and the applications it has. And as more p...

Lenders wage price war for bank deposits

Banks across the U.S. are engaged in a heated competition for deposits as the battered industry tries to shore up its funding sources. From giant Citigroup Inc. to tiny S&T Bancorp Inc., which is based in Indiana, Pa., and has just 55 branches, banks are responding to uncertain times b...

No easy fix for economy woes

By Susan Tompor We've witnessed a presidential election marked by history and hope. Now, one has to wonder when Wall Street might be able to ditch images of a fearful future, too. We're not going to avoid a recession. Many economists expect it to be longer than the past two, which la...

Avoid 'phishing' expeditions

Q: I hear so much about hackers attacking Web sites and stealing people's personal information. Is it safe to bank online? A: One of the scariest things about banking online is that you're forced to enter personal information, like account numbers, that you'd never type anywhere else on the...

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