Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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December 10, 2008 | Morning Edition
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Tentative Agreement On Auto Bailout
Powers Of "Car Czar" Key To $15B Deal; Dems Likely To Yield On Environmental Lawsuits In Vote As Early As Wednesday

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Bank To Lend Credit To End Factory Sit-In
Bank Of America Offers Additional Loans To Chicago Manufacturer Whose Workers Have Occupied The Factory

 Blaring Music Used To Abuse War Prisoners
 Census: Economy Soured Years Ago
 Graves Probed At Brutal Fla. Reform School

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Penny-Wise And Health Foolish Fast Foods
Study Names "Most Unhealthful Items" On Value Menus Of 5 Fast Food Chains; Expert Lists Healthier Picks From Same Eateries

 Breastfeeding Helps Moms Lose Weight
 Bird Flu Turns Up In Hong Kong Chickens
 Metabolic Syndrome? Nuts!

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Film Fests Scale Back During Recession
Regional Film Fests Sans Hollywood Ties Head To Public Libraries & Local Community Centers Instead Of Movie Theaters

 T.R. Knight Wants Out Of "Grey's"
 Jennifer Connelly's Sci-Fi Lesson
 Buzz Briefs: Mark Ruffalo, Dennis Yost

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Poll: U.S. Largely Optimistic About Obama
CBS News Poll Finds That Despite Negative Economic Landscape, Three In Four Americans Are Optimistic About President-Elect

 Poll: U.S. Cuts Back On Holiday Spending
 Annals Of Corruption: Lightning "Rod"
 Obama's Mandate For What?

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Reactions To Ill. Corruption (4:05)

F-18 Crash Victim Grieves (2:17)

Bailout Agreement Awaits Vote (3:57)

Blagojevich In Hot Water (3:22)

Do Vitamins Really Work? (1:53)

Juveniles Detonating Bombs (3:21)
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Photos Of The Day

Celebrity Circuit

Fighter Jet Crash In S.D.

Kennedy Center Honors

Zimbabwe's Water Woes

Week in Sports: Dec. 5-Dec. 11
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The Finish Line
The Horserace Is Over Read More
From Gas Guzzler To Lean, Green Machine
Meet Johnathan Goodwin, A Tinkerer With A Big Mission Read More
"From the Road" to the Curb: Pulling Over and Looking Back at Campaign '08
It's over Read More
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2. Blaring Music Used To Abuse War Prisoners
4. Saudi Arabia Bullish On Oil's Future
5. Illinois Gov. Accused Of "Crime Spree"
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1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Fighter Jet Crash In S.D.
3. Photos Of The Day
4. Kennedy Center Honors
5. Riots Rock Greece

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