Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hack WordPress

Hack WordPress

Using Guest Blogging to Get Your Blog More Exposure

Posted: 09 Dec 2008 02:00 AM CST

No matter how talented of a blogger you are, getting a blog started can be a very difficult thing to do.  This is primarily because there is still the problem with trying to get people to discover your blog.    Some people turn to social networking websites to try to drive that traffic (such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, etc.).   Unfortunately the flaw with that method is that the traffic received from these sources typically isn’t targeted to your niche and turn into loyal readers.

So, how you get good traffic to your website?   One of our authors, Jean-Baptiste Jung, recently shared how he got over 1,000 subscribers in under 2 months when he recently launched WP Recipes.   In his post, Jean explains that the secret is guest blogging:

As most of you may know, I’m an author on the popular WordPress related blog WpHacks. So, I wrote a short post introducing WpRecipes to WpHacks readers. My feedburner counter jumped from 150 to 400 in 3 days, providing a loyal and qualified readership. Having blogging friends is very important, because they can help you as you help them.

Because Jean’s new website covered WordPress, he submitted guest posts on a WordPress-related website to show off his talents.  After building a solid reputation with our readership, he then went to a blog with a much larger readership, Smashing Magazine:

I thought that if a super popular blog talk about my site, it will for sure bring a lot of new readers. So, I asked Smashing Magazine if I should write a guest post for them. They accepted, and two weeks later, they published my article entitled “10 Useful RSS-Tricks and Hacks For WordPress“. This post wasn’t an announcement about WpRecipes, but I cited my blog as a source for some hacks, and added a small “About me” paragraph at the end of the article.

As of today, roughly two months after his blog launched, it looks like he already has over 1250 subscribers using this method!  I do think it is important to note, however, that a big reason for Jean’s success is that his content is really good.   As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, guest blogging is a great way to find potential subscribers.   From there, it is up to the author to actually keep the subscribers by providing quality content.

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