Tuesday, November 25, 2008

VOA Africa News Summary

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Here are today's top stories from VOA Africa.

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Children plead with aid workers to get coupons that will allow them to receive high energy biscuits at a displaced people's camp, in Kibati, eastern Congo, 04 Nov 2008 Financial Crisis Threatens World's Most Vulnerable
Aid agencies may not get enough money to extend help to world's poorest  

Some of eight suspected Somali pirates when they appeared before the Mombasa, Kenya, Chief Magistrate, 19 Nov 2008 Somali Pirates Hijack Another Ship, Drop Ransom for Saudi Tanker  Audio Clip Available
Steel ship MV Adina seized along with seven crew members; pirates are demanding $2 million ransom

The Kibati IDP camp, with Nyragongo volcano in the background, 10 Nov 2008 UN Refugee Agency to Transfer Thousands of DRC Displaced to Safer Locations  Audio Clip Available
Many residents of Kibati Camp will temporarily move to other existing camps, while new site is prepared

80_ap_nigeria_Abubakar_21de Former Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar Wants to Run Again for President  Audio Clip Available
Former Vice President Abubakar says he is being urged by friends and supporters to return to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party

Zuma South Africa Ruling ANC Under Fire Over New Election Dates  Audio Clip Available
South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) party is coming under intense criticism after suggesting that next year's general elections should be held either early in March or later in May.

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe's Hard-Pressed City Dwellers Cultivate Urban Agriculture  Audio Clip Available
Growing food on small plots is a reaction to rising inflation

maddox Kibera slum Nairobi Kenya 150.JPG Red Rose School Offers Hope to Kibera Slum Orphans  Audio Clip Available
The school, which includes nearly 90 students, is privately funded

scale_justice_judges_eng_80 Liberian Chief Justice Bows to Pressure  Audio Clip Available
Photo journalist Sando Moore says the Chief Justice apologized for ordering the confiscation of his camera and offered to pay for any damage to the camera

Travel Experts see Heightened Interest in Africa among International Tourists [Part 1 of 5]  Audio Clip Available
Global financial crisis means travelers seek cheaper destinations 

Poor Image Blocks Tourist Flow to Africa [Part 2 of 5]  Audio Clip Available
International travel industry experts debate Africa's reputation as tourist destination

Ignorance Stymies Efforts to Boost Travel to Africa  [Part 3 of 5]  Audio Clip Available
Experts say international travelers stay away from Africa because of lack of adequate information

International Tourists remain concerned about Security in Africa [Part 4 of 5]  Audio Clip Available
Crime reputation damages African tourism

Africa looks to 2010 Soccer World Cup to Bolster Tourism [Part 5 of 5]  Audio Clip Available
South Africa's historic hosting of World Cup to increase foreign travel to Africa

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