Friday, November 28, 2008

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DHEC approves project permit

SUMMERVILLE â€" The long-awaited and controversial extension of the Berlin Myers Parkway has passed another key checkpoint. The state Department of Health and Environmental Control signed off on the water-quality permit last week, four years after Dorchester County voters approved the project in a sales-tax referendum.

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Holiday in Hampton Park

At the Thanksgiving banquet in Hampton Park on Thursday there wasn't much difference between the hundreds of people giving help and the hundreds of people receiving it. There were some holey shirts on both sides of the serving line. Both volunteers and those in need came to the annual Without Walls Ministry feast to fill their stomachs and souls and left feeling a little better than before.

S.C. oyster industry using new ideas, techniques to stay alive

Oysterman Carl DiPace spent this week out in the cold wash on the reefs, pulling in cluster after cluster â€" nothing says Thanksgiving in the Lowcountry like that salty slurp of meat. But more and more, DiPace finds himself setting and harvesting single oysters instead of clusters. He's begun a business planting oyster reefs alongside waterfront homes as an alternative to riprap or a sea wall. Somewhere in that pluff mud he has his hands on the future.

Parents keep vigil over injured son

For nearly six weeks now, Evelyn and Michael Morgan have sat in a hospital room, waiting for their son to come back to them. Shannon lies there in a neck brace, hooked up to IVs and a feeding tube. He hardly moves, and doesn't respond to voices. His eyes are open, but he does not see. "We're just waiting for him to wake up," Michael Morgan said.

Lesson learned from Fig Island

During the time of the earliest pyramids, American Indians began piling oyster shells at Fig Island. In just a few years they feasted on more than a billion oysters from the waters around the 20-acre hummock near Wadmalaw Island.

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