Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Ultimate Chance. Big Auto's Last Chance.

Freedom From Oil

Tell Congress to bailout the climate too!

Last week The Big 3 auto makers (Ford, GM, and Chrysler) flew to DC to ask American taxpayers for $25 billion, no strings attached - they didn't even have a plan on how to spend it! So as 2009 shapes up to be the watershed year in the climate movement, we decided to help the Big 3 out. It's time for them to finally put up, shut up, or go belly up…

Take Urgent Action Here Now!!

There are 3 things we need to ask our representatives in DC to demand from the auto industry if they are to get $25 billion of our tax dollars.

1.    We will not pay if you pollute!
Big 3 must commit to making the most fuel-efficient fleets on the planet.  Mandate a fleet-wide fuel economy of 50 mpg by 2015.

2.    Give us clean options!
Each of the Big 3 must commit to producing, 1 million Plug in Electric Vehicles (PHEV) by 2012 and 3 million PHEV's by 2015.

3.    Create green industry!

Commit to retooling the entire industry to produce these vehicles and lead the way into a new green economy. 

Send a message to congress demanding they use this moment to jumpstart the green economy and put clean cars on the road.

From Detroit to San Francisco the last year has been full of green jobs rhetoric. It's time to turn rhetoric into reality.  If we are truly committed to transitioning off fossil fuels and jumpstarting a new clean economy, now is the moment. It doesn't get any more clear or urgent…
The United States is ushering in a new era of combating climate change and creating a green economy. The auto industry is a day late and several billion dollars short in producing zero emissions automobiles that people now see are a necessary reality. This is a watershed moment for the economy and the climate. $25 billion to continue business as usual is not an option. The US must use this opportunity to push for climate solutions by retooling the auto industry to produce zero emission vehicles, and jumpstart a clean, green energy economy.

Thank you for working for an oil free future,

Global Exchange

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