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New Articles on The Daily Dust today

New Articles on The Daily Dust today

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Brown’s “Courage pt 2″ Fails To Sell

Posted: 23 Nov 2008 04:51 AM CST

Prime Minister’s New Book Still On The Shelves.

After two weeks on sale, Gordon Brown’s book “Wartime Courage: Stories of Extraordinary Courage by Ordinary People in World War Two” has sold a massive 193 copies in the first week of sale. Originally scheduled for an April release but delayed due to it “not being finished” (nothing to do with Brown’s poll rating then, Mr Publisher?) the book - a follow up to his “Courage - Eight Portraits” - is being outperformed by pretty much anything else.

The Amazon listing has two customer reviews, a five star and one star. Let’s quote from the latter:

This is an outrageously poor book! I suppose whoever gave it 5 Stars must be a Labour Party supporter because I cannot find anything to justify giving this book anything more than a single star. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the facts in this book, it’s just that I found the way it was written so utterly boring. If you’re interested in reading about stories of fantastic courage from WWII, then Forgotten Voices of the Secret War by Bailey is a much sharper and more genuine read, with plenty of history straight from the Imperial War Museum archives.

And that five star review:

It is amazing that within what must be an incredibly hectic schedule and an all embracing family life, that Gordon Brown has found the time to write this book. Written with heart- felt compassion, Gordon deals with the war with the type of humanity and warmth which could be expected from him.

I wonder how many of those 193 copies were sold to political commentators and reviewers in the media, and how many are from genuine customers?

(Hat tip to The Guardian).

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Bzz… Bzz… Georgia Win Junior Eurovision

Posted: 23 Nov 2008 03:53 AM CST

Georgia outscore UK’s Brotherhood of Man at Junior Eurovision.

With an impressive score of 154 points, Georgia have won the sixth Junior Eurovision Song Contest, with their song “Bzz…” Taking to the stage in an amazing mix of X-Men meets the Insect world outfits of black and yellow PVC, leather and flying hats, Bzikebi won the contest for Singer-Songwriters between the age of 10 and 15.

The song about Wasps (not Bees) picked up 8 out of a possible 14 ‘douze points’ from countries around Europe, and in doing so achieved the highest ‘points per country’ ratio in Eurovision history. Their 10.14 points per country beat the previous record of 9.65, achieved by the classic UK entry ‘Save Your Kisses For Me,’ from the Brotherhood of Man in 1976.

The event saw all phone line profits passed to UNICEF, to support the initiative to get clean water to children throughout the world; we’ll let you know how much was raised once it’s collated from around Europe.

Yesterday was also the closing date for audition tapes (or links to Youtube Videos) to be sent to the BBC and Andrew Lloyd Webber for the UK entry to the main Eurovision Contest to be held in Moscow in May of 2009. The UK’s quest to find a song that will put up a respectable performance starts on the BBC in the New Year, and The Daily Dust’s Eurovision correspondent will keep you up to date with our attempts to avoid Null Points.

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Hatton Back on Top of the World

Posted: 23 Nov 2008 03:07 AM CST

Ricky Hatton in Las Vegas last night

After recent performance scares, Ricky Hatton rolled back the years last night in Las Vegas to comfortably beat Pauliue Malignaggi in eleven rounds.

Hatton arrived in style wearing his new trademark “Ricky Fatton” suit with Oasis friends, Liam and Noel Gallagher accompanying him to the ring.

Hatton started the fight with a more measured approach than in the past and took every round (except for the fifth) in style.  The New Yorker, Malignaggi’s trainer threw in the towel during the 11th round.

This was a superb performance as good as when Hatton defeated Kostya Tszyu in 2006, when the man from Manchester lifted himself into world's top 10 pound for pound rankings.

Hatton said of his performance “I’ve had 46 fights now and only lost one - and he was the best pound for pound in the world,”

“No-one will ever beat me at junior-welterweight, no-one. But what sort of a champion would I be if I didn’t take them (De la Hoya and Pacquiao) on next? That’s what Ricky Hatton is all about.

“I’ve certainly put myself in the shop window, and after another training camp with Floyd, I think I’ll get even better.  If I’m going to have another two years left, I want big fights. If I have to move up to 147lbs again, let’s do it.”

images - ap 22-11-2008

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Terrorist has Stand-up Lessons

Posted: 23 Nov 2008 12:42 AM CST

Convicted Al Qaeda terrorist, Zia Ul Haq, took part in a stand-up comedy workshop in prison before Justice Secretary Jack Straw put a stop to the eight-day workshop at Whitemoor prison.

In total, 18 maximum-security prisoners were enrolled on the course, which cost the Cambridgeshire jail around £8,000.

Mr Straw said: 'As soon as I heard about the course at HMP Whitemoor, I instructed that it must be immediately cancelled. It is totally unacceptable.

'Senior managers in the Prison Service, who were also unaware of the course, take the same view as me.''

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Rachel Out of X Factor On A Night of High Emotion

Posted: 22 Nov 2008 04:40 PM CST

Danni Minogue not crying on the X Factor

On a night of high drama that had Danni breaking down in tears after fighting with Louis during the advertising break, only one person could lose on tonight’s X Factor.

Appearing in the sing-off again, Rachel this week singing against JLS in the final two could not convince the judges to save her this week.  Simon with the casting vote said “This is tough..”

“It’s been like three times (Rachel)..I really don’t like saying this but it’s Rachel”.

JLS put in a stunning mix of the classic “Stand by Me” and “Beautiful Girl” whilst Rachel screamed out “I’m not leaving without you”..Receiving only one vote tonight, from Danni, Rachel had to go.

For the first time so far, Eoghan sang in the genre he was made for, Take That and boy bands.  Singing “Never Forget”, the young lad from Ireland stole the show as the final singer on tonight.

The judges again will grab all the headlines this week as Danni and Louis will surely continue this argument in the media..

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