Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is Bounce Rate a Google Ranking Factor?


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Sunday, November 23, 2008
What Google's Matt Cutts Sees In 2009
SEO is Changing
Search, Google, SEO...
Is Bounce Rate a Google Ranking Factor?
Either Way, You Should Pay Attention to it
Search, Google, SEO...
NBC Launches Video Trivia Game On Facebook
Only video trivia quiz on site
Social Media, facebook, NBC News...
Google Docs Offers Form Templates
From Nutrition Diaries to Job Applications
Google, Google Docs, Google Apps...
Yahoo Unloads Kelkoo
The Price is Right for UK Firm Jamplant
Deals, Yahoo, ecommerce...
1 comment
Google Releases Enhanced Maps Features for iPhone
Requires Software Update
Google, Google Maps, iPhone...
Thrive in today's economy with The Planet
More Headlines
Tips For Online Retailers Preparing For Cyber Monday
Strategies to use
Technology, Yahoo, ecommerce...
Controversial Goodmail Raises Another $20 Million
Yet to Raise Google and Microsoft
Deals, Financial, Goodmail...
Google AdWords Team Pushing Display Ads
Display ad builder improvements and expansion
Advertising, Google, Display Ad Builder...
Yahoo Adds eBay Application To Homepage Test
Becoming more open
Technology, Yahoo, eBay...
Personalize Your Google Results
Google launches SearchWiki Features
Search, Google, searchwiki...
Google Friend Connect May Soon Launch
YouTube tutorial, support site appear
YouTube in HD - What A Concept
YouTube to Keep a Name For Itself?
Google, Hulu, hi-def...
New Paid Links Service Sparks More Debate
And the Gloves Come Off...
Search, Google, Mozilla...
1 comment
Company Sues Facebook Over Copyright Infringement
Alleges Facebook uses its patent
Technology, Social Media, Legal...
Microsoft Discusses Updating adCenter Bids
Provides how-and-if-to tips
Advertising, AdCenter, Microsoft...
Will Personal Search Turn SEO On Its Ear?
Bruce Clay Talks Big Changes in Ranking Due to Personalization
Search, Google, SEO...
Google Makes Improvements to Ad Manager
A Product of DoubleClick Acquisition
Advertising, Google, DoubleClick...
Google Maps Used To Mark Pirate Attacks
Here there be colored balloons
Google, Pirates, google earth...
Holiday Shoppers To Spend More Of Their Budgets Online
Convenience major factor
Technology, Holiday Season, Nielsen Online...
Keep Exchange - Save BIG! iEntry Members
Keep Exchange - Save BIG!
Find Out How Much - Click Here
Google Answers Some Tricky Questions
Well, most of them
Search, SEO, Google...
Don't Write Online Advertising's Obituary Just Yet
Third Quarter's $5.9 billion 2nd-highest Ever.
Advertising, Interactive Advertising Bureau, pricewaterhousecoopers...
Microsoft Promotes Live Search In Canada With Contest
Giving away cash, cars
Search, MSN, Canada...
Paid Links Go Underground
How to buy a link without buying a link
Search, Google, SEO...
MySpace Debuts Guns N’ Roses, McCartney Albums
Stream entire albums
Social Media, Paul McCartney, MySpace Music...
Yahoo Powers New T-Mobile Service
oneSearch Behind web2go
Search, Technology, Yahoo...
Facebook, MySpace Beneficial To Teens
Helps them learn
Technology, Social Media, facebook...
Where Twitterers Go to Complain
Kvetch lets you "let it out."
Social Media, social networks, fun...
Google's Lively Receives A Death Sentence
Plug to be pulled at year's end
Google, Lively, Linden Lab...
The Internet's Role in Gay Rights Activism
Organization, Awareness, and Information
Social Media, Politics, facebook...
Yahoo Glues Together Relevancy
Launches New Yahoo Glue Service
Search, Yahoo, Yahoo Glue...
Do You Have a Problem with Live Blogging?
Apparently Some People Do
search engine roundtable, live blogging, PubCon...
Google Analytics Gets A Handle On Flash
Track to your heart’s content
Google, google analytics, Flash...
eHarmony Settles Lawsuit, Starts Gay Site
Set to Launch Same-Sex Dating Service
Legal, dating, compatible partners...
Net Neutrality A Likely Reality In 2009
Now that opposition is cleared
Congress, FCC, Net Neutrality...
Google Wants Your Questions for D.C. Meeting
Use Google Moderator
Technology, Google, Government...
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PubCon: Understanding How the Big Boys Operate
PubCon: Understanding How the Big Boys Operate
Did you ever wonder how large companies keep up with all the pages on their websites? As he explains in the above video, Bill Hunt of Global Strategies knows all about this since IBM is one of their clients.

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