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Hack WordPress

Introducing WordPress Nexus: A WordPress Resource Directory

Posted: 25 Nov 2008 02:00 AM CST

Because I’m such a big fan of WordPress, I am always looking for great ways to help out or to give back to the WordPress community.

Awhile ago, one of my ideas was to create a WordPress resource page to spotlight a number of the top WordPress resources available.  Within that list are a quite a few other WordPress blogs, websites, or other WordPress resources which do a lot of the same stuff as we do here at WordPress Hacks.   My hope was that this page would help draw attention to the great work many of those sites are doing and in turn help the WordPress community to grow as a whole.

A few weeks ago, after I announced our new WordPress Forums, I decided the next project I wanted to tackle was to expand this resource idea out into its own stand alone website.   It was with that thought that the WordPress Nexus was born!

What is a Nexus?

According to Wikipedia:

A nexus is a connection or the center of something.

What is WordPress Nexus?

For some reason I’ve always loved the word “Nexus” so I have to say I was really excited when I realized it was the perfect word for the WordPress resource site I wanted to build.

WordPress Nexus is a hub or directory of all the top WordPress resources found around the internet.   Or at least I hope it will be in a few months.    The way it is currently setup, anyone can submit their WordPress resource to the WordPress Nexus directory to get their site included in the index there (it currently does require a reciprocal link).

Why Should I Submit my Resource to WordPress Nexus?

If you’re wondering why you should submit your WordPress blog, forum, business website, etc. to the WordPress Nexus directory, here are a few reasons:

  • Make Your WordPress Resource More Findable - The way the website is setup, it will receive a lot of targeted traffic.  This means people will come looking for something specific.   Having your link included will get more of this targeted traffic over to your website over time.
  • Quality Inbound Link - Though the site is new right now, over time WordPress Nexus will likely gain a high Google PageRank, making for a quality inbound link to your WordPress resource.

What Type of Resources is WordPress Nexus Looking For?

If you are wondering if your blog or WordPress-related website qualifies to be included in the WordPress Nexus directory, here is what we are looking for:

  • WordPress Blogs - Do you run a niche blog that covers WordPress?  If your blog is dedicated to covering WordPress, or primarily devoted to covering WordPress, you’ll want to submit your blog in this category.
  • WordPress Designers - Do you offer custom WordPress design or custom coding services?  If you are looking for work, you’ll want to make sure your blog is listed in this category.
  • WordPress Forums - Have a WordPress-related forum?  If so, you’ll want to submit your forum to this category.
  • WordPress Resources - Have a WordPress resource that isn’t a blog?   You can submit your resource to this category.
  • WordPress Social Networks - Have a WordPress voting site or some other type of social website?  You can submit your site to this category.
  • WordPress Themes - Are you a WordPress theme author?   You’ll want to list your business website or blog in this category.   It includes a separate section for people offering free themes and people offering premium WordPress themes.

Any other questions about WordPress Nexus?  Feel free to ask them in the comments.  Otherwise go submit your link!

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