Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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In our first story, you will meet professional poker players who became suspicious when some of their Internet opponents never seemed to lose. They then started to scrutinize the games and the hands of those suspected cheaters using sophisticated computer programs, correspondent Steve Kroft and The Washington Post’s Gilbert Gaul report in a joint investigation. The players’ suspicions were justified, says Michael Josem, a player and a computer security expert himself, who plotted the odds. “We did the mathematical analysis to find that they were winning at about 15 standard deviations above the mean…approximately equivalent to winning a one-in-a-million jackpot six consecutive times.” In the end, the largest cheating scandal in the history of Internet gambling was uncovered, one that cost players more than $20 million. But the players had to solve this themselves, as managers of the off-shore and unregulated $18 billion Internet gambling industry were unresponsive to their complaints.



Then correspondent Lara Logan talks to only the second female soldier ever to win the Silver Star since World War II, a young woman who received it as a teenager.  Then-18-year-old Monica Brown wasn't even supposed to be in combat when she found herself in a firefight faced with treating two wounded paratroopers whose lives she saved by tending to their wounds and shielding them from shrapnel. The Army medic takes Logan back to the battle to describe what she was feeling as duty called.  Says her former sergeant major, “I have a daughter her age and it kind of floors me at times to think about my daughter in that situation.”



Next up, meet another truly remarkable young person. He swam into history at the Beijing Olympics, becoming the first person to win eight gold medals at a single Olympiad. The 23-year-old swimming phenom Michael Phelps tells CNN's Anderson Cooper what his life is like as hundreds of endorsement opportunities roll in to make this U.S. Olympic superstar a marketing millionaire.



Those stories, and Andy Rooney's tips for saving, on this Sunday’s 60 Minutes, Nov. 30, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.




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