Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Give thanks, travelers: Airport not a madhouse

With virtually empty check-in counters and thin security screening lines, Charleston International Airport concealed any holiday traveling mayhem Tuesday.

Travelers from around the globe less likely to spend in U.S.

NEW YORK â€" Overseas shoppers who once arrived in the U.S. with empty suitcases to take back their holiday loot might decide to stay home this year amid high-priced airline tickets, unfavorable exchange rates and lingering economic woes.

Huge program aimed at loosening credit

WASHINGTON â€" Rolling out powerful new weapons against the financial meltdown, the Bush administration and the Federal Reserve pledged $800 billion Tuesday to blast through blockades on credit cards, auto loans, mortgages and other borrowing. Total bailout commitments, loans and pledges of backing neared a staggering $7 trillion.

Blockbuster to rent via on-demand

SAN FRANCISCO â€" Blockbuster Inc. will start renting movies and television shows through a new gadget that may give consumers another reason to bypass the struggling video chain's 7,500 stores.

Sacrifices expected from Detroit

DETROIT â€" A list of job cuts, shuttered factories, canceled bonuses and commitments to fuel-efficient cars won't be enough next week when U.S. automakers get another shot to persuade Congress to give them $25 billion in loans.

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