Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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November 26, 2008 | Afternoon Edition
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Obama Says "Help Is On The Way"
President-Elect Also Names Former Fed Chief Paul Volcker To Lead New White House Economic Panel

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Trace Melamine Found In U.S. Baby Formula
Same Chemical Fatally Added To Chinese Formula; FDA Says Amount Detected Here Is "Perfectly Fine"

 Best Of Worst Thanksgiving Fare For You
 Study: Breast Cancer May Regress On Own
 'Off-Label' Drug Use Is Common

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Ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
The New Republic: When Barack Obama Decides To Repeal The Policy, He'll Have A Much Easier Time Of It Than Bill Clinton Did

 The Twin Cities Throwdown
 America Is Still A Conservative Nation
 Autoworkers Making $70 An Hour? Not Really

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Holiday Travel Ups And Downs (5:37)

Pantry Donations Down (2:22)

Tenuous Vote On Iraq Timetable (2:19)

Cancer Diagnoses Decrease (2:29)

Thanksgiving Table Settings (3:25)

Parasomnia Disorders (3:44)
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Photos Of The Day

Celebrity Circuit

British Fashion Awards

Season 7 Of "Dancing"

"Australia" Comes To NYC

Global Glamour
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Clinton For Senate?
Some Think Former President Should Replace His Wife Read More
Katie Couric's Notebook: Text-Message Romance
Our Fingers Are Doing The Talking - And Even The Romancing Read More
"From the Road" to the Curb: Pulling Over and Looking Back at Campaign '08
It's over Read More
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2. Turkey-Making Secrets From Three Top Chefs
3. Trace Melamine Found In U.S. Baby Formula
4. Yemeni Child Bride Hailed As Hero
5. Five Yummy Pumpkin Alternatives To Pie
1. Cheating Gamblers On The Web (1:28)
2. Evening News Online, 11.25.08 (18:37)
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5. The Man With A Plan (2:10)
1. Celebrity Circuit
2. Photos Of The Day
3. Glamour Gals
4. On Stage At The AMAs
5. Global Glamour

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