Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Health: What unhappy people do

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cover What unhappy people do

A 30-year study of television habits suggests that unhappy people watch considerably more TV, vote less, read fewer newspapers and are generally less socially active.

Kicking Depression:
Recognize underlying disorders, tackle them, too


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Weight-Loss Success

success-weightAtlanta loses weight: Inspirations

With the holiday weight-gaining season before us, we thought that some weight-loss inspiration might be in order. So, here are 12 of our favorite Success Stories of 2008.

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Mental Health

Mental HealthHow to be grateful.

"Attitude is a state of mind, and gratitude is a state of being."

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Vaccination rule lax at day care sites

Foes of stem cell research now face tough battle

Pill as good as chemo on lung cancer, but costlier

Smokeout is reminder that quitting starts day at a time

Banning fast-food TV ads could dent obesity, study notes


Healthy Eating

fit-to-eatPork shouldn't be overlooked as lean, light entree

It's true that the nutrition facts reveal a full rack of baby back ribs slathered in barbecue sauce can rack up 1,000 calories, but there's more than one way to serve a pig.

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