Monday, November 24, 2008

Business: Retail is risky business in restless times

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Shaky economy a blessing and curse for retailers.

Retail is risky business in restless times
Robert Klenberg looked for 10 years for a second location for his quirky, family-owned five-and-dime, Richard's Variety Store. | Photos: More shopping photos

Government unveils bold plan to rescue Citigroup
The cost of saving what was once the largest bank in the U.S. will be enormous, economists say.

Obama set to announce economic team today
Timothy Geithner to take reins at Treasury; Lawrence Summers to head National Economic Council.

Existing home sales drop by 3.1 percent
Economic uncertainty causing many potential homeowners to put off purchasing a new home.

Automakers must show they're worth saving
Democrats say Big 3 need to convince taxpayers a turnaround is possible.

Unemployment benefits drying up; Georgia's stable
The safety net for the nation's unemployed is fraying just as the country heads into a serious downturn.

Some feel downturn's impact less than others
When Phil Prebor's aircraft mechanic job flew away for the fifth time, he decided he had had enough.

Georgia puts focus on re-employing the jobless
With slightly more than $1 billion, Georgia's Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund is relatively solvent. Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond plans to keep it that way, even as the state's jobless rolls swell. Thurmond recently talked about the health of the unemployment insurance fund and where Georgia's job market is headed. Here are excerpts:

It'll hurt, but Big Three reorganization is best
The only thing missing from the Big Three's show in Congress last week was crash dummies splattered with fake blood. Not even when debating war have our representatives been warned of such pending doom.

CEO takes once-hyped ethanol company in new direction
David Ames got rich in the cable modem business. Now the Alpharetta entrepreneur sees a new boom coming -- energy.

HDTV bargains abound; here's a buying guide
Many of you will make 2009 a picture-perfect year with a new television. Two forces - the gift-giving season and the switch to digital for broadcast television - mean some holdouts will finally move to HDTV. | Photos: Gifts that give back

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