Monday, November 24, 2008

ABC News Most Popular - Mon., November 24, 2008

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November 24, 2008

'Repair and Recovery': U.S. Bold Plan to Rescue Citigroup
Three Gov't Agencies Join Together for a Multibillion-Dollar Package to Save Citigroup More...
Team Obama Shapes Up at Record Pace
Stephanopoulos: Obama moving faster than any other president in history.
Romney Prescribes Tough Love for Detroit
Opposition to Auto Bailout Comes After Populist Push in Michigan Primary
Modern-Day Pirates 101: How They Operate
Who Are These Pirates, and What Can Ships Do to Protect Themselves?
America's Looming Health Care Disaster
Rising Unemployment Threatens Health Care of Even Those Who Keep Their Jobs
School Aide's Porn Past Angers Parents
District Lawyers Say There Are No Grounds to Fire the School Aide More...
Family Furious Over Teen's Online Suicide
Abraham Biggs, 19, Was Egged On by Fellow Bloggers, Cops Say
Obama Aide Promotes Job Plan, Warns Automakers
Obama adviser promotes economic aid plan, seeks swift congressional action; automakers warned
'Oldest Profession' Hit By Recession
More Women Seek Work Amid Spending Slowdown by Clients
'Repair and Recovery': U.S.'s Bold Plan to Rescue Citigroup
Citigroup rescue includes $20B cash injection, guarantee on billions in assets
Teen Commits Suicide on Live Web Cam
Authorities say approximately 1,300 people watch as the boy takes his life. More...
Ashley Dupre Opens Up to Diane Sawyer
Ashley Dupre speaks out on the scandal that brought down N.Y. governor.
The Roundtable: Another New Deal?
George Will, Arianna Huffington, David Brooks and Robert Kuttner.
Ashley Dupre Exclusive: Part 1
Eliot Spitzer's former escort in a candid interview with Diane Sawyer.
Brothels See Job Applications Surge
Desperate women turn to world's oldest profession during economic downturn.
Miley Rocks Her Birthday at AMAs
As she performs at the AMAs, Miley Cyrus celebrates her 16th birthday. More...
Conservative Ladies Pretty in Mink
Mink-clad Coulter and other conservative women to appear in a 2009 calendar.
The Darker Side of Hollywood Life
All that glitters is not gold, as stars admit struggles with depression.
Simpson's Bronx Baby
Simpson and Wentz show New York borough some love with baby's name.
Osbourne Set to Get Hitched
Kelley Osbourne set to walk down the aisle with younger beau.
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