Saturday, November 5, 2011

Samsung can celebrate success in the smartphone market, but overall, smartphone sales have slowed.

Android grows in U.S. smartphone market; Samsung holds steady Samsung stays at the top of the mobile manufacturer list in the U.S., but the iPhone 4S could make a significant dent in the next report.

Read more Smartphone sales growth sluggish as Samsung soars (survey)Samsung can celebrate success in the smartphone market, but overall, smartphone sales have slowed.

Read more Microsoft issues temporary 'fix-it' for Duqu zero-dayThe vulnerability affects the Win32k TrueType font parsing engine and allows hackers to run arbitrary code in kernel mode

Read more iPhone 4S problems continue as Siri suffers major outageSiri isn't working for many iPhone 4S users. All of us are asking why, but an answer hasn't been found yet.

Read more "Siri, why do some people not understand what 'beta' means?"IT WENT DOWN BECAUSE IT'S A BETA!

Read more U.S. finally acknowledges Chinese and Russian cyberthreatThe difference between China and the United States is that China can execute on its grand plans unfettered by such inconveniences as democratic process or public opinion.

Read more Microsoft adds Windows 8 support to its Kinect development kitMicrosoft has rolled out Beta 2 of its Kinect for Windows development kit and has added support for Windows 8 with the refresh.

Read more Amazon's Kindle Fire is Barnes & Noble's NookopalypseWill Amazon's Kindle Fire spell fire and brimstone for Barnes & Noble's tablets and e-readers?

Read more Chart: Mobile OS update frequency (spoiler: iOS trounces)iSmashiPhone charted the major mobile operating systems by their update schedule, and not surprisingly, iOS beat the rest of the pack quite handily.

Read more Apple's iPhone 4S issues show the problem with being an early adopterFor early adopters, owning an iPhone 4S hasn't been a great experience.

Read more Five Gmail tips that will make you an inbox ninja"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." ~George Bernard ShawI'm an inbox hawk. If an email sits in my inbox too long, I get anxious. I love prompt...

Read more Report: Yahoo getting closer to potential buyersIs Yahoo up for sale again? A new report suggests that the beleaguered search engine is finally cozying up to potential buyers.

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