Monday, August 22, 2011

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim August 21st Press Conference on NATO Massacre in Tripoli

When NATO has lost the war and the west has collapsed from the falsehood it is built upon, clear documentation will show the media war, never clearer and with more proofs than Libya. Another reason NATO does not want to stop so as to hope to avoid future prosecution for crimes against humanity.

Tripoli (mathaba) -- The world is responsible and witness to the crimes being committed against Libyans in Tripoli, with NATO increasing bombing on and around Tripoli to offer support to rebels entering the previously peaceful city. The death toll last night 20th August was 376 dead and almost 900 injured. This includes NATO attacks on check points, army, soldiers and streets and neighbourhoods, others committed by rebels.
Confirmation from Libyan General People's Committee for Health has meanwhile come to light with statistics showing that since midday 21st August up to 11pm, during 11 hours of violence, with now 1300 have been killed in Tripoli alone and 5000 injured and the hospitals cannot cope.
The world can see that a peaceful city where journalists were living for many months is being attacked by NATO and attacking the heart of a peaceful civilian city, an army that is in defensive positions, and is attacking volunteers who came out of their houses, leaving their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers,
to defend their city and NATO gives direct air cover to these armed gangs who have no political project.
The rebels want revenge, filled with hatred, supported by tribal conflict and bitterness from recent years, to destroy this city, especially the tribes, citizens and neighbourhoods that are well known for supporting Muammar Qaddafi.
We expect the death toll to rise beyond anyone's imagination. Supported by the might of NATO, without which the armed gangs would not be able to move a meter, face our army and tribes and families and volunteers, but because NATO kills anything that moves in front of the rebels, the rebels are able to advance.
We appeal to the world, to the heart of this world. People in my city are being killed, day in and day out, without any way out without any possible way for negotiations. We have talked before that you cannot condition peace, you have to sit down, talk and then discuss everything. Who has the right to take an agenda outside the peace talks, and say you cannot discuss this.
We said before we have accepted the African Union road map, we accept negotiations and talks, we can sit down with all parties, achieve peace and agree how to move forward for Libya, but no one wants to listen because all NATO cares about is to destroy the Libyan political system so that it can have a political system that will fulfil its own desires, not the desire of the Libyan nation, but the desires of NATO.
A most significant proportion of the Libyan people made their views very clear when they came out on the streets [with green flags and photos of Muammar Qaddafi], in their millions. Should these people not be heard, listened to and believed?
1300 dead, 5000 injured, in just 11 hours, our hospitals are unable to cope with such a disaster, the red cross is here in Tripoli while hoping to help, but the security situation is quite difficult.
We are very resilient and still very strong, we have thousands and thousands of fighters still remaining, who have nowhere to go but to fight, so this will increase and increase and the death toll will increase because each side is terrified of the other side if they will win. So let us suspend all military operations and violence.
NATO can order the rebels to stop immediately, we can order our troops and volunteers to stop immediately and then we sit. And the same as the rebels have their leader or leaders who will lead their negotiations and without them the rebels would be lost or destroyed, we too have our leader, Muammar Qaddafi. We need him to lead us for peace and a way out of this. If you take Muammar Qaddafi out of the equation a whole side will collapse and become an easy pray for the other side. That is why people are fighting for Qaddafi.
You cannot deprive millions of people of the leader they choose and they want and let them be easy pray for a vengeful, hateful side, disorganized, without a proper leadership, you saw them they killed their own commander of their army, they are penetrated with Al-Qaida elements, they are very tribal.
So we hold the world responsible. They have already committed crimes in Tripoli, they have burned houses in Tajoura, in Souk el Juma, in Tashnoun, in Al-Arada, they have kidnapped people, they have killed people walking in the streets who were ordinary citizens just because they were well-known supporters of the government, not military people but just normal civilians, they have attacked shops they have taken money from shops, and the fight is not over.
We are really fighting them and defeating them in many neighbourhoods, and yet although they haven't suffered yet, they have already started their wave of crimes. If burning houses, burning cars, kidnapping people, killing people in the streets is not crimes, then what is. The world cannot claim that it did not know.
Since early morning you know you need to stop this disaster from taking place. As for us, we will fight, we have whole cities on our side, they are coming en masse from everywhere to protect Tripoli to join the fight, people have the right to fight for themselves, and their families and their property and their future.
People will not give up. I talk to people and ask why are you fighting and the answer is always: I have no other way out. I would want peace, to sit down, negotiate and stop this madness, if I don't fight I would be killed, because I belong to a family that supported the government, or I belong to a tribe that made its voice clear, or I belong to a neighbourhood... so people are terrified and fighting out of fear, and the other side (rebels) are fighting out of fear as well.
NATO should not provide immediate and direct support for one side in a civil war. This is illegal and immoral. One side is killing and NATO is giving them support.
NATO will be held responsible, morally and legally, for the deaths taking place in Tripoli, this night, last night and in the coming nights. They cannot say that this was not expected to happen. They are rocketing our city and they have indeed killed many children, many men and many women. We will fight because we have the right to. We have the leader Qaddafi, he led us in this confrontation for dignity and our freedom from NATO's agendas. Qaddafi should lead us for our peace, our democracy, and our negotiation. -- mathaba #

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