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How to know if your boyfriend is Self-Centered – Xyami Know How

Here are a couple of things that might help you find out a little more about the person you are dating. If you ever felt your boyfriend is a bit self-centered but wasn't really sure, then perhaps you should ask yourself the following questions about your partner. If you get all three of the following, then maybe your partner truly is.


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      Does your boyfriend spend a lot of time saying "I"?

      Really think about it. I know the word "I" is apart of the English language but if your boyfriend is using this word too often then he might be sending you subliminal messages. When you carry on a conversation and he can not go every other sentence without say "I" then something is wrong. Usually the guy starts each statement with the word "I" instead of "We". It is most noticeable when you disagree on something and the "I" word constantly comes out of his mouth. If he never says, "What do YOU think WE should do?" or "How do YOU feel?" instead of "I think we should...." or "I want this..." Then it shows a failure to see things from your point of view.

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      Do you find yourself watching his genre of movies?

      It may seem small but it does send a clear message. If your boyfriend can not watch your favorite films or even care to know them. Then he is sending another clear self-centered message. Ask yourself if you find yourself in the following scenarios.
      A. Your movie dates consist of only his favorite style of films.
      B. You suggest one of your favorites for him to watch but he is always too tired to watch it.
      C. You watch one of your favorites with him and he falls asleep.
      D. You ask him what he thought of one of your favorite films and his answers are short and simple. i.e. "It was pretty good....I liked it" But when asked about a genre of film he likes, his answers become more in-depth and detailed.

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      Does your boyfriend prefer you to take charge in bed?

      Now this might seem a bit strange but trust me it is true. If your boyfriend prefers for you to take charge in bed, then he is communicating to you that he is self-centered. Most women would disagree with this notion. Many women would say that a man who is always on top of you is someone that is self-centered because he is trying to please himself and a man that prefers you on top is just more passionate and interesting in bed and at worst just a lazy lover. Not true. In reality, most guys get on top of you to simply please you. They want to take control so that they see to it that you are enjoying the sex. This can be a good and bad thing depending on what you like, but I am not here to tell you what you like. I'm here to tell you what it all really means in bed. If your man likes to be under you all the time, it means that he prefers for you to please him. He likes to see you make love to him and service him. It is another message to you about his character. If the two of you please each other orally, but you usually more often than not, pleases him in this way during each sexually encounter and doesn't get much in return; then you are being sent another clear message. It might not seem like a big deal but his subconscious is speaking volumes to you my friend.

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